H.R. Profix Consol Ltd. was established in 2009 from its ancestors the German-Hungarian InTech - founded in 1990 -, and the joint venture H.R. Profix - founded in 1997. The new firm has expanded its core business to the dynamically growing alternative energy source market to provide a larger scale of fixing systems to the building industry. We undertake the designing of facade fixing with the latest architech softwares, ensure technical documentation, guides and manuals, and even provide professional assistance on the spot.  We take care of persistent technological improvement; our architect group closely monitors the ever-changing market demands. Manufacturing plans of the newly-arising demands are also prepared by the latest engineering softwares. Our catalogues - including guides and manuals - provides help in selecting the optimal method of construction.  Our manufacturing activities are in compliance with the Hungarian and European norms and standards. We undertake 24 hour delivery to better meet our clients' needs. 

Flagstone and brick-fixing system have been developed by our company from 2000. We have started to produce the ceramic slab system from 2005. We intrudced the first bark-concrete panel facade fixing system in 2007. Systems are acknowledged and permitted by the limited liability company for quality control and innovation in building (ÉMI). ISO 9001/2000 quality directives has been introduced in 2001. Our welding procedures are certified by the WELMAT Technological Institution. Our products are protected by the Hungarian Patent Office and the European Patent Institution as well. 

The below products have been developed by our company:

- The Solar Roof technologies for fixing solar panels with special rail (aluminium track) system

- Facades systems: flagstone- and brick-fixing systems, ceramic slab with aluminium tracks, concrete slab supporting fixing


According to the architect's base plan, we design the facade fixing system and prepare the official offer based on our consignation. Our architect group provides professional advice and solutions to designer offices based on facade fixing principles.

Our architect group is closely following up each phase of the process. They are ready to assist and work out the best possible solutions with the help of the contractor immediately on the spot if any issue arises.


Based on our consignation and agreement we start to produce the first phase elements within 24 hours. We ensure further production persistently according to the timing contract. 


Pre-manufactured products and accessories are available in our depository for faster delivery.


 We undertake both domestic and international, for even persistent deliveries according to our clients' needs and expectations.